Understanding Relationship Challenges
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Understanding Relationship Challenges

Relationships aren't always easy, especially when you have a large family. I started thinking more seriously about how to get along with my family members a few months back, and it was really eye-opening for me to figure out how to take care of things. I began sitting down with each of them as often as I could and really talking about how to make positive changes in our lives. It was really cool to see our relationships transition into a happier, more solid environment, and I was enthused about our progress. I wanted to start a blog that centered around relationship improvement, so I made this website. Check it out.


Understanding Relationship Challenges

Planning An Intimate Funeral For A Person Who Has Committed Suicide

Glenda Arnold

Have you been asked to plan the funeral service for a friend or a family member who has taken his or her own life? If so, you are more than likely feeling a bit overwhelmed with the task ahead of you. After all, death is almost always sad. However, when death came in the form of a suicide, it is even more tragic. If the funeral service is one where only close friends and family members have been invited, you will more than likely be able to personalize it even more than if it were for a large group. From selecting the music to giving everyone a chance to express his or her own feelings, here are some ideas that might help you.

The Music - Is there anybody in the close group who'll be attending the service who plays a musical instrument like the piano or the guitar? If so, consider asking that person if he or she would lead the others in singing the deceased person's favorite songs, or pick songs that you feel would add to the service. For example, songs like You've Got A Friend In Me and The Shadow Of Your Smile might be good choices. If the deceased person was a Christian, don't hesitate to select hymns like Abide With Me or Til We Meet Again.

The Talks - Because the group who will be attending the funeral service is a small one, it might be comforting to those who attend to be able to express their own thoughts, to remember good times spent with the person who died. Under the circumstances, it might also be a good idea to ask members of the group to give words of comfort to those who are left behind, words that might help to remove feelings of guilt that might be present.

Consider ending the talks yourself. That will give you the opportunity to tie things up in a way that can start the process of closure that everybody will need. No matter what the religious beliefs of those who attend are, think of expressing the thoughts that you will all see the deceased person again. Also, it might be good to remind everybody that he or she no longer carries the burdens that led him or her to take his or her life. 

Think of giving all who attend a memento to remember their friend or family member. A bookmark with the deceased person's picture on it is one idea of a remembrance.

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